Uniq Bioresearch Ltd. offers your company several different support services ranging from consulting to turn key production services. We can aid your company in getting the desired ingredients microencapsulated or coated with the ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology or ACTIWHEY®-film coating.

  • Microencapsulation Services

    We can coat your delicate ingredients with the new patented ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation process.

  • Consulting and Licensing

    Add shelf life to your ingredients with Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology. Our consulting and licensing services will enable your company to get the most benefits and faster access to the patented ACTIWHEY® modification method. Almost any substance can be microencapsulated with our ACTIWHEY® whey protein.

    For further information and enquiries please contact our experts here.

  • Production Support

    Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s professionals can aid your personnel in getting the most out of the ACTIWHEY® -microencapsulation technology or film coating. When trying to capture the essence of delicate ingredients i.e. berry seed oils or animal based lipids, Uniq Bioresearch provides production support services to improve the production processes of various food, dairy and other products. Setting up the production may result in some minor changes to the production line and, in many cases, cutting costs significantly.