ACTIWHEY® whey protein concentrate


ACTIWHEY® is a 100% Finnish whey protein concentrate that has been activated with our patented method.
During the activation, part of the naturally occurring disulphide bonds in whey protein are cleaved into free SH groups. This multiplies the natural antioxidativity and detoxifying properties of the regular whey protein.

The technology behind ACTIWHEY® has 3 granted patents in 10 different countries. ACTIWHEY® is the registered trademark of Uniq Bioresearch Oy Ltd.


  • ACTIWHEY® is 300 % more antioxidant than any other protein source, due to it’s activated SH groups.
  • Free (active) SH groups has several health improving properties (e.g. detoxifies the body from heavy metals and toxins)
  • Excellent source of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.
  • Intensifies the body’s own gluthation (important antioxidant) production.
  • 100% Finnish product
  • Natural product – No additives, No preservatives
  • Faster and easier digestion
  • Pleasant milky taste, without any added flavours


  1. The free SH groups creates new functional properties that is especially useful for the functional food and beverage industries.
  2. Good for fortification of food products while improving the product’s structure, taste and natural preservativity.
  3. Due to the activation process, ACTIWHEY® is a potent antioxidant various detoxifying properties from free SH groups.
  4. ACTIWHEY® is suitable for replacing artificial structure enhancers such as modified starches or gelatine.
  5. Ideal for microencapsulation. With ACTIWHEY® almost anything can be microencapsulated (e.g. Omega 3 oils, liposomes, probiotics and enzymes and other delicate substances that have been impossible to microencapsulate.
  6. Ideal for clear protein drinks due to ACTIWHEY®’s soluble protein fraction.

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In Finland ACTIWHEY® is distributed by BIOMED Oy.