ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology

In microencapsulation, active ingredient is protected by a shell. The size of microcapsules is only some micrometers and they are in powder form. ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology is based on a strong whey protein coating and even the most delicate ingredients can be protected by it. The patented technology makes possible to encapsulate ingredients that have been earlier impossible or too expensive to encapsulate. For example omega-3 oils, liposomes, probiotics, prebiotics, berry and plant oils, bioactive powders, and other ingredients can be encapsulated by ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.

ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology enables new solutions for various industry segments, e.g. food, feed, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. By ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation novel products and functional foods such as healthy drinks, low or no fat yoghurts with smooth taste and rich consistency, nutritious snacks, and skin care products can be produced. Uniq Bioresearch Ltd provides licensing, consulting and product development services of ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.

NeuroWay® is microencapsulated with ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.