ACTIWHEY® microcapsules


ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation enables protection of even the most delicate ingredients by whey protein coating. The patented technology makes possible to encapsulate ingredients that have been earlier impossible or too expensive to encapsulate. For example omega-3 oils, liposomes, probiotics, prebiotics, berry and plant oils, bioactive powders, and other ingredients can be encapsulated by ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.

Uniq Bioresearch Oy Ltd provides new solutions for various industry segments, e.g. food, feed, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. By ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation novel products and functional foods such as healthy drinks, low or no fat yoghurts with smooth taste and rich consistency, nutritious snacks, and skin care products can be produced.


NeuroWay® is microencapsulated with ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.

Helps protect the brain against degenerative processes caused by ageing and oxidative stress. A safe and effective phospholipid formulation for replenishing or repairing brain cell membranes. As we age, the amount of phospholipids in our brain cells begins to decline. These include phosphoserine, one of five fats found in cell membranes. NeuroWay® is a patented Finnish neurolipid formulation with all the necessary fats for brain health.

In Finland NeuroWay® is distributed by Biomed Oy.

Protect and improve your product with ACTIWHEY®-microencapsulation

After microencapsulation, oils and other delicate substances are in powder form and can be easily added into any existing product. The bad smell and taste of ingredients can be masked by microencapsulation. Microencapsulated ingredients (oil or powder) get a mild taste and powder form. Microencapsulation also protects delicate ingredients against oxidation, heat, UV radiation and acid environments and improves thus their shelf life. Rancidification of oils can be prevented, the shelf life can be increased up to 3 years and the storage of microcapsules is not limited to cool, dry and dark places. Microcapsules can be stored even in room temperature. Whey protein is modified by patented technology to ACTIWHEY® protein and becomes more antioxidative and reactive and thus provides new properties and functions for ACTWHEY® such as strong bonds in microcapsules.

Benefits of ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation

  1. Almost anything can be microencapsulated.
  2. Preserves the quality and bioactivity of your active ingredient.
  3. Up to 55 % of your ingredient in the microcapsules.
  4. Superior nutrition profile and potent antioxidant.
  5. Prolonged shelf life and durability due to active SH groups.
  6. Controlled release of active ingredients.
  7. Better protection against oxidation, UV light, heat and acidity.
  8. Pleasant taste and smell

Better sustainability through our gentle activation process

When processing delicate substances it is very important that the original quality and bioactivity remains. Our gentle ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation method is better for your product and better for the environment.

Are you interested in creating a new product? Or just want to preserve your precious substance? Contact our microencapsulation experts and we will help you to create the product you’ve always dreamed of.