Uniq Bioresearch

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd. is an advanced and innovative privately held Finnish biotech companies active in developing new whey protein based product concepts and microencapsulating solutions for the health food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, confectionary and dairy industries.


Uniq Bioresearch Ltd won the tight competition on the EU Horizon 2020 SME Phase 2 funding with it’s Project proposal: ACTICAPS – ACTIWHEY® based microencapsulation solution for sustainable food manufacturing. The ACTICAPS project, which started in October 2015 will be completed in two years in September 2017.

The ambition in ACTICAPS project is to further improve the market-leading fill-coating ratio of ACTIWHEY® microcapsules; achieve significant production cost reduction and set-up a pilot production and testing line for scale-up analysis and dissemination.